Strong mind,
strong body



I love food. I love fitness. I love finding what moves people.

I am identified for my passion of life as a personal trainer. I encourage, believe in, love, take pride, strengthen, and admire every client I have. This job is what I was born to do. Love what you do, do what you love.  Strong With Mitzi is about the person, the community, and the will to be better than yesterday.


  • There are many, many great things about training with her—her confidence, encouragement, patience, enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, communication skills, support, cheerfulness, and her honesty. Rarely do we do the same thing twice from one session to the other. She absolutely delights herself in finding inventive ways to get more uses out of the most ordinary looking tool in the gym.
    - Bill
  • We lost 50 lbs combined in 6 weeks with the “Back to Square One” challenge!  We learned so much during the journey. We eat cleaner, cook healthier, and balance our lives better.
    - Audrey
  • I think my favorite thing was the small group setting and the accountability. I think anytime you want to do something great – it’s good to get people to stand with you. It’s the same way for me with my workouts – knowing I have my crew waiting on me every day – motivates me and helps me get up and going each morning!! For me the group was that.
    - Darcy